The Reformation will not be Televised

Fellow Whingers, might I have two minutes of your time? If you’re not too busy moaning and complaining? I want to talk about history (again) and ask if there is anything to be learnt from it?

When I wrote previously about TTIP and “Free Trade”, I mentioned how in 1494, with the Treaty of Tordesillas, Spain and Portugal divided up the world between them. I told how they used the Papal Bull Inter Caetera (Authority from God) to sanction this. Considering how Spain and Portugal no longer rule the world something must have happened, yes?

You bet your bottom €uro!! When Horny Henry VIII split from the Vatican, he put wheels in motion that would change the face of the world. His bed hopping would tilt the balance of global power. You see when Elizabeth I, took the throne in 1558, Britain was isolated. The Vatican even went so far to issue another Papal bull in 1570, declaring Elizabeth “the pretend Queen of England”.

But Elizabeth was no pretender; she was very much the real deal. She employed master builders to build a navy to rival the Spanish and Portuguese. She reached out to the Ottoman (Muslim) Turks. She sought out new trading partners and new allies in Britain’s war against Spain, Portugal and the Vatican. So far had Britain moved from the traditional fold, that when, at the start of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, he refers to actual events when British troops fought along side Muslim forces in the Battle of Cadiz!

Meanwhile in Saxony, fed up of corruption, cronyism and the nepotism systemic in the Vatican, Martin Luther led the Reformation. All across the continent people rose up against the greed of the Vatican. The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

The British, and their new allies, reversed the tide and it was now the Spanish and Portuguese who became isolated. Britain was to become Great, while the old powers faded. In the battle for superiority, it was the British navy that ultimately swung the balance of power. But this wouldn’t have evolved at all without them seeking out new routes, making alliances with traditional enemies and seeking a better way.

It was from the ignominy of Vatican Contempt that Great Britain was born. It was by joining with seemingly disparate factions, separated by ideology and geography, that the two empires of Spain and Portugal were defeated. It was by demanding a better Church and rejecting the Vatican’s money grabbing mantra of “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs”. The Reformation forced the Vatican into retreat.

So what do you think? Any lessons we can take from joined up thinking, challenging of the status quo and looking for genuine reform? Or do you accept the mainstream media line, that only by sticking with the traditional politics of corruption, cronyism and nepotism can we maintain stability? Are we better voting for “the least worst option” of “Fianna Gael” (doffs hat to Fintan O’Toole) and sputtering on with the cycle of Boom and Bust Capitalist Economics? Should we accept the word of the likes of Goldman Sachs and IBEC, who claim that fringe political elements pose a great threat to our nascent “recovery”?

Forget that you haven’t felt the “recovery” yet. Forget that “Fianna Gael” are two sides of the same coin. Forget the young people who had to emigrate. Forget those we have lost. Forget the record numbers of families who were made homeless. Forget that every man, woman and child was given a “gift” of €45,500 of bank debt from “Fianna Gael”. Forget the opposition and their “loony left” plans for a fairer society. Forget that democracy has devolved to a talking shop that takes its lead from Bankers and Multinational Tax Inversion Companies. Forget the contempt the Government has for you. Forget it all. Whingers! Vote “Fianna Gael!”

Or, do you feel like it’s time for a Reformation?


Tony Groves February 2016democracy



3 thoughts on “The Reformation will not be Televised

  1. They history lesson alone re: Elizabeth I fills me with hope that the current power mongers are NOT permanent! They can be tackled and brought to book.


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